Information about the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The diplomatic relations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People’s Republic of China was established on January 3, 1992. The Embassy of China to Kazakhstan was opened in April 1992 and the Embassy of Kazakhstan to China was opened in December 1992. Since that time, Kazakhstan had 2 Ambassadors to China, Mr. Murat Auezov(December 1992 – July 1995) and Mr. Kuanysh Sultanov (July 1995 – December 2001), Zhanybek S. Karibzhanov (January 2001-January 2007), Mr. Ikram A.Adyrbekov (February 2007 – November 2011). Current Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China is Mr. Nurlan Yermekbayev. Our Embassy also represents Kazakhstan in other countries, namely Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.


Address and opening hours
9 Dong 6 Jie, San Li Tun,
Beijing, 100600, People’s Republic of China

Tel: +86-10-65326182 / 65324189
Fax: +86-10-65326183


Consular Section of the Embassy

The Consular/Visa section is open 9:00 – 13:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tel: 86-10-65324779